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  • Diamine Ancient Copper ink review
    Diamine Ancient Copper is a very special ink. It shades in the most beautiful way and really does look like ancient copper. In that respect, Diamine picked an excellent name.  If you know your way around a flex or italic nib then you’ll be able to really bring this ink to life. Even if you ...
  • Diamine Woodland Green ink review
    This is a nice green that makes you think of Robin Hood and his merry men, lurking in the forest ready to leap on posh people. There isn’t a whole lot of shading going on with this ink but it’s a typically well-behaved Diamine ink that won’t let you down. Here’s a video of me doing ...
  • Pilot Plumix fountain pen review
    The Pilot Plumix is a very cheap fountain pen that is only available with a medium italic nib. I don’t get on too well with italic nibs but I’ve found this one to be smooth, though firm, and typical of the high quality of Pilot nibs even in this price range. The section is contoured a ...
  • Diamine Steel Blue ink review
    An interesting colour. Not necessarily a colour I could fall in love with but it makes me think fondly of holidays in France, where you see this kind of shade all over the place.
  • Diamine Royal Blue ink review
    Diamine Royal Blue is blue. There isn’t a whole lot more to say about it. It’s rather a pleasant blue. There’s a smidgen of shading but not much. It’s rather on the wet side and slower drying than most other Diamine blues. Here is a little video of me working on the doodle. It features a ...