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  • Levenger L-Tech Stealth fountain pen review
    Pens quite literally tell stories. One of the most lovely things about old pens is remembering or imagining the stories they have told. This pen has a story to tell from before it even arrived at my home. Back in November Mike Dudek wrote a review of the Levenger L-Tech Stealth and I decided I wanted ...
  • SlimNote pocket notebook review
    SlimNote pocket notebooks are handmade by Tiny TOE Press. They are 3.5 by 5 inches, 50 pages, plain except for the rather mad hex set. Thus very pocketable and lovely. The paper is reasonably friendly to fountain pens. As the samples show, there is a little feathering and bleeding with wetter pens. It is perfectly possible ...
  • Diamine Sunset ink review
    This is a very bright rather saturated orange ink. It’s almost tangerine in colour. I haven’t seen many sunsets like this and I can’t say that I’m going to use it all that often. But it’s bright and cheery and that’s always a good thing. Here’s me doing the doodle:
  • J. Herbin Black Metal Ink Rollerball Pen review
    The J. Herbin Black Metal Ink Rollerball Pen is a refillable rollerball pen for a very reasonable price. It’s rather small and impossible, for me, to comfortably use unposted. It has a good solid feel and heft to it though. The black matte finish is lovely, the chrome trim not so great – it looks ...
  • J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche ink review
    A very bright turquoisey blue. A little shading. A delicate little ink. Lovely bottle. French. Me doing the doodle: Note that I did learn how to spell periwinkle properly between the beginning and the end of writing this review. J. Herbin Black Metal Rollerball on Rhodia Notepad