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  • Diamine Denim ink review
    What’s this? Another dark blue Diamine ink? Why yes it is. And it’s a good one too. Not so much in the way of shading as some others but a good solid blue-black.
  • Reynolds Ink Pen fountain pen review
    This is a cheap and very cheerful pen. Okay so it did leak all over me but that’s my fault for not sealing it properly. It’s an eye-dropper after all. This cost me a grand total of £2.29 from eBay. It is very plasticky and when I first tried it the nib clicked in a disconcerting ...
  • Tombow Mono 100 pencil review
    I haven’t explored the world of pencils in quite the way that I am exploring the world of pens because, basically, I found these pencils and stopped looking. I used to think that one pencil was pretty much the same as any other but I was wrong. Or rather, as I am never actually wrong, ...
  • Diamine China Blue ink review
    Sometimes in late Spring you wake up and step outside and it’s damp underfoot and the air is cool but you can feel on your face that it’s going to be a beautiful warm day. On those days the sky is the same colour as this ink. Writing with this ink is like writing with clear ...
  • Rotring Esprit fountain pen review
    Apart from the Art Pen, Rotring don’t make fountain pens any more and this is a shame because they used to make some great ones. Some of the more collectable Rotrings go for a lot of money on eBay but others, like this Esprit, can be found for very reasonable prices as new old-stock. This one ...