SlimNote pocket notebook review

16 January 2014 By ian

SlimNote notebook corner

SlimNote pocket notebooks are handmade by Tiny TOE Press. They are 3.5 by 5 inches, 50 pages, plain except for the rather mad hex set. Thus very pocketable and lovely.

SlimNote notebook handmade

The paper is reasonably friendly to fountain pens. As the samples show, there is a little feathering and bleeding with wetter pens. It is perfectly possible to use these notebooks with the right kind of fountain pen though.

SlimNote notebook ink tests front

SlimNote notebook ink test back

The binding makes me a little nervous but it seems that that nervousness is misplaced as the notebooks have held up to a fair degree of mistreatment. SlimNote notebooks will lay flat with a bit of a push.

SlimNote notebook binding

All in all, these are lovely little notebooks. Isabel suggested them in the comments when I reviewed some Calepino notebooks. They won’t replace Calepinos for me but I’m glad to have found them and to have some to hand. Thanks Isabel. They will be used and I will no doubt order some more.

SlimNote packaging

SlimNote notebooks review