Rotring Esprit fountain pen review

7 October 2013 By ian

Rotring Esprit 2

Apart from the Art Pen, Rotring don’t make fountain pens any more and this is a shame because they used to make some great ones.

Some of the more collectable Rotrings go for a lot of money on eBay but others, like this Esprit, can be found for very reasonable prices as new old-stock. This one came from India, along with a charming note which made me want to order more from them. Which I did. I don’t need much of an excuse, do I?

Rotring Esprit 1

It’s very well made and it is made from metal. Everything fits together rather nicely and the cap goes on with a very satisfying click.

The nib is smooth and firm and hasn’t ever let me down despite being briefly exposed to Diamine Woodland Green which is not blue. In fact, this pen enjoys inks that are not blue, which is quite shocking and very unusual. It will take international cartridges (in a variety of colours) and you can still buy Rotring converters (to go with the Art Pen). I expect other converters will work too. (I’ve used Monteverde converter with no problems.)

Rotring Esprit

The design won’t be to everyone’s taste but if you do like how it looks you really can’t go wrong with this particular pen.

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