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  • Diamine Midnight ink review
    My favourite ink. I love dark blue inks but I don’t like too much black in them. Some people might say that’s typically awkward of me but I would say it shows my sophisticated good taste. Anyway, this ink gets it just right. Also, it is extremely well behaved.
  • Platignum Studio fountain pen review
    I shouldn’t really like this pen. It is a rather strange colour (turquoise, allegedly) and a medium nib. Also there’s nowhere to put the cap! I know that won’t bother most of you but to me it’s rather troublesome. I bought this pen by accident (I was scheming on eBay) but it’s turned out to be ...
  • Faber-Castell Ambition fountain pen review
    The Faber-Castell Ambition Pearwood is a beautiful looking pen. I’m a sucker for wood and metal; organic and machined; old and new. Gets me every time. This is a stunning pen. In my big chunky hands this pen is a perfect length and weight but it is a little top heavy when posted and if you ...
  • Diamine Presidential Blue ink review
    This is a very lovely blue. It feathered ever so slightly on this paper but not so as you’d notice unless you were doing a combined ink and notebook review. Lamy pur 47 with 1.1 italic nib; Monsieur notebook; terrible handwriting
  • Diamine Blaze Orange ink review
    This is a lovely lovely lovely ink. It completely behaves itself, it has beautiful shading and it is the best orange that ever was. Lamy pur 47 with 1.1 italic nib; Monsieur notebook; terrible handwriting