Reynolds Ink Pen fountain pen review

14 October 2013 By ian

Reynolds Ink Pen

This is a cheap and very cheerful pen. Okay so it did leak all over me but that’s my fault for not sealing it properly. It’s an eye-dropper after all.

Reynolds Ink Pen 1

This cost me a grand total of £2.29 from eBay. It is very plasticky and when I first tried it the nib clicked in a disconcerting manner every time I put the pen to paper. But now the clickiness has gone (where has it gone? I do not know) and it’s actually an interesting pen to write with. There is some character to the line and there is something lovely about an eye-dropper. It’s about as basic as you can get without it being just a stick of bamboo.

Reynolds Ink Pen 2

I would recommend this pen for this price and maybe for a pound or two more (which is what they usually go for). Make sure you seal it properly though, unless you want to spend several minutes running around with a cloth wiping every surface you’ve touched before your better half gets home and has something to say about Diamine Ancient Copper being on everything. Absolutely everything. I mean it’s a beautiful ink, a very beautiful ink, but I suppose there are limits.

Reynolds Ink Pen 3

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