Noodler Nib Creaper fountain pen review

28 October 2013 By ian

Noodler Nib Creaper

I like this pen. Why is it spelled Creaper and not Creeper though? I don’t know. Like the success of Downton Abbey, it’s one of life’s great mysteries.

This is a pen with a flex nib and try as I might I can’t get the hang of it. So I just use it as a normal pen, which seems a bit of a waste. What the nib does offer, though, at least when it’s behaving itself (which it often doesn’t – it’s a naughty little pen), is a lot of variation in ink flow. Mostly in a good way. Which means it absolutely brings inks to life. The flip side of this is that the flow sometimes varies to the extremes, as in, stopping altogether or taking every opportunity to bleed or feather. As I said, this is a mischievous pen.

I love most of the many finishes the Nib Creaper is available in. They’re funky, as young people would say if we were still living in the 70s. This particular one is ‘Cardinal Darkness’, an excellent name for anything and everything. I may even change my name to Cardinal Ian Darkness, that’s how good it is.

Noodler Nib Creaper 2

The internet is full of tips about tuning the nib to make it work better. I gave that a go and after many panicky minutes, when it wasn’t working at all, managed to get it working again in exactly the way it had been working before. So time well spent.

Would I recommend this pen? Yes, as a third or fourth pen, because it’s fun to use and it makes inks look beautiful. But I couldn’t recommend it as an everyday writer.

Noodler Nib Creaper handwritten review