Diamine Asa Blue ink review

Diamine Asa Blue ink review

There is certainly a part of me that wishes Diamine would just make one or two lovely blue inks and call it a day. The part of me that wishes that is the part that is connected to my dwindling bank account. (Actually, dwindled, not dwindling.) The rest of me is very glad of so many beautiful shades. Asa Blue is yet another beautiful blue ink. It’s a rich deep colour with just enough shading to give it some life.

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  1. “What does Asa mean?” I asked the source, Diamine. It turns out the President of Diamine went on a cruise. She was smitten by a singer in the lounge. It turned out that he was from Diamine’s hometown and he had lovely blue eyes. His name was Asa Murphy. Asa is on Facebook and he is actually a very good singer in the Bobby Darin mold. Here’s a link to his page. https://www.facebook.com/asamurphyfansite/
    And now you know, “the rest of the story.”

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