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Serwex 101 fountain pen review

8 December 2014 By ian

I received this Serwex 101 eyedropper demonstrator for free with another pen I’d bought from Fountain Pen Revolution. It can be found for less than $6 if you look around. The nib is as scratchy as they come without being useless. Any scratchier and it would be tearing up the paper but it doesn’t and it […]

Kaweco Elite fountain pen review

25 August 2014 By ian

The Kaweco Elite is the top of the range Kaweco fountain pen. It’s a largish pen and is made from black acrylic resin (posh plastic), with a chrome plated cap. The barrel has the octagonal cross-section that makes the Sport line so distinctive. It’s well made, with a nice weight to it. The cap is […]

Diplomat Traveller Fountain Pen review

4 August 2014 By ian

The Diplomat Traveller fountain pen is a metal barrelled pen that, as far as I know, is available only with a medium steel nib. The nib is surprisingly good – I perhaps had low expectations but it’s smooth and very pleasant to write with. It takes international cartridges and my Monteverde converter fitted without any […]

Zebra Z-Grip mechanical pencil review

28 July 2014 By ian

The Zebra Z-Grip is a 0.5mm mechanical pencil that costs just 38p from Cult Pens. (That’s about 60 cents in American money.) It has a clear plastic barrel with either black, blue or red grip and trim. It does feel and look pretty cheap but I find the clear barrel quite appealing. The tube that […]

Staedtler 308 Pigment Liner drawing pen review

21 July 2014 By ian

The Staedtler 308 pigment liner is a fibre-tipped drawing pen available in 9 different line widths (0.5mm to 0.8mm) with black ink. I’ve found it difficult to find very many good drawing pens. The Copic Multiliner is a great and so is the Sakura Pigma Micron but apart from those I’ve not found any that […]