Twiss Patriotic Acrylic fountain pen unposted

Twiss Custom Fountain Pen in Patriotic Acrylic – review and giveaway

28 April 2014 By ian

Twiss Patriotic Acrylic fountain pen unposted

John Twiss makes custom pens to order. This is one such pen and as such it is unique. It is also very lovely – and it could be yours! Read on to find out how.

Twiss Patriotic Acrylic fountain pen posted

The pen is made from what John calls ‘Patriotic Acrylic’. It’s a beautiful combination of shimmery red, blue and silvery white. It’s shiny and rather lovely. This is one of those pens that gets in the way of your writing because you have to keep stopping to look at it. I love these kinds of pens.

Twiss Patriotic Acrylic fountain pen end

The clip is quite reasonable and shaped so that it’s easy to push onto pockets or papers. The nib isn’t spectacular but it’s smooth and firm and nice enough. This one is a stock JoWo stainless steel nib but stock italics and 18k gold nibs can also be supplied. Pens can also be made using a nib supplied by the customer. John has made pens using customers nibs from Pelikan, Bexley and Senator to name a few.

Twiss Patriotic Acrylic fountain pen clip

The cap screws on (in a way that feels very high quality) and posts quite deeply if that’s what you want to do.

Twiss Patriotic Acrylic fountain pen cap

The barrel, apart from looking beautiful, is a good length and weight (light but not too light). It feels warm in the hand and is comfortable to use for a long period of time.

Twiss Patriotic Acrylic fountain pen deconstructed

This pen is one of a kind and so, in a way, the design is less important in a review than the build quality. You can have almost any design you want. (If you haven’t already read my interview with John then have a look to get an idea of the just how varied the designs can be. Then follow John on Twitter and look at his website to see more.) Having said that, the design is beautiful.

Twiss Patriotic Acrylic fountain pen nib

What’s more important is the quality of craftsmanship and on this pen it’s outstanding. This is a pen that’s been made by someone who knows pens.

Twiss Patriotic Acrylic fountain pen handwritten review


You can win this pen. This unique, beautiful and hand-made pen. This pains me a little: much as I love you all, I want to keep this pen myself. I can’t deny it.

To enter, visit the Twiss Pens website and register (in the sidebar on the righthand side). Everyone who registers between now and 9am on Saturday 10th May is eligible. A winner will be picked randomly and I’ll then contact you to arrange sending it to you. If you have already registered on the site and would like to enter this giveaway just contact me to let me know and I’ll make sure you’re included.

This giveaway is open worldwide but I will not be responsible for damage or loss or customs charges during shipping.

Good luck! This is a rare opportunity to win something of wonderful quality that is truly unique.

Twiss Patriotic Acrylic fountain pen box