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Newcastle Pen Show: An Interview with John Twiss

22 August 2018 By ian

I have a confession to make: I’ve never been to a pen show. In part that’s because this whole pen thing is quite a personal thing (yet I have a blog all about it!), in part it’s because other people are, in general, quite scary (yet I was a teacher and now work in the […]

Twiss Irish Bog Oak Fountain Pen Quick Look

13 December 2017 By ian

Reviewing custom made pens can be a little tricky. I, after all, picked the material and the general design so if I would have only myself to blame if I didn’t like them. Fortunately for my own sense of well-being and sanity, I do. (Irish bog oak is fantastic. It’s oak that sat in Irish […]

Twiss Green Lizard Fountain Pen Review

18 July 2016 By ian

The Green Lizard is handmade by John Twiss here in the UK. It’s been made especially for United Inkdom and once we’ve all reviewed it we’ll be giving it away! This is a very special pen, for reasons that will soon become clear. The pen comes with three JoWo steel nibs: fine, medium and 1.1mm […]

Twiss Marmalade fountain pen review

27 October 2014 By ian

This is a custom made pen from Twiss Pens. It’s the only pen like this and I made up the name myself. Back in April I interviewed John Twiss and reviewed one of his pens. I knew I would need my own Twiss pen and so I asked John to make me a pen to […]