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Kaweco Dip Pen Giveaway

24 January 2017 By ian

Kaweco’s Dip Pen is a modern take on a very traditional object. It’s made from aluminium and looks very stylish. I’m not the best person to review a dip pen because my handwriting is truly terrible. You can, fortunately, find lots of reviews on Pennaquod. Instead, I’m giving one away. To enter, just leave a […]

Starter Kit Pen Giveaway

5 May 2016 By ian

Thanks to some very generous pen retailers, who send me many pens to review, I have ended up with more pens than I can ever use. Many of these pens are good but I know that if they stay with me they’ll spend most of their time in a drawer, feeling lonely and neglected, when […]

Kaweco Calligraphy Set Review and Giveaway

7 December 2015 By ian

The Kaweco Sport is a classic pen and I count my AC and Brass models are among my favourites. Their steel nibs are generally great from extra-fine to medium but beyond that they don’t have the best reputation. I have a double broad nib which is good but a broad that runs too dry. Many […]

Noodler’s Ink Sampler giveaway winners

15 November 2014 By ian

I clearly don’t have very many European readers because there weren’t a lot of entries for this. On the one hand, that’s a shame because they’re great inks (mostly) but on the other hand it means I can bend the rules a little and send the prize of sets of four Noodler’s ink samples to […]

Kaweco ink cartridge giveaway

16 October 2014 By ian

Kaweco have a range of eight inks most of which are very lovely. Some are really quite special. One is a little bit horrid. Kaweco were kind enough to send me one of each ink in a bottle and in packs of six cartridges. I am giving away the full set of cartridges to one […]