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Yard-O-Led Grand Viceroy Victorian Fountain Pen Review

23 May 2016 By ian

I try to keep things at the more affordable end of the price spectrum here on Pens! Paper! Pencils! Although I know that what’s affordable varies dramatically from person to person, I think I’m on pretty safe ground when I say that the Yard-O-Led Grand Viceroy Victorian does not fall in that category. It’s from […]

William Hannah Notebook Review

11 May 2016 By ian

I have been known to make some expensive notebook purchases in my time but even I was doubting the sanity of some of my stationery blogging colleagues when they were getting so excited about what seemed to be a simple leather notebook cover for £90 a pop. Then I was sent one to review and […]

Fosfor Bangalore Fountain Pen Review

1 February 2016 By ian

Fosfor is the work of one man named Manoj, based in India. Manoj combines his own combinations of acrylic to make unique designs and then makes each pen by hand. He also makes many pens from wood (and, I can assure you, I will be buying one soon). You would expect such a pen to […]

Twiss Marmalade fountain pen review

27 October 2014 By ian

This is a custom made pen from Twiss Pens. It’s the only pen like this and I made up the name myself. Back in April I interviewed John Twiss and reviewed one of his pens. I knew I would need my own Twiss pen and so I asked John to make me a pen to […]