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Additive Pens Double Helix Fountain Pen Review

26 June 2020 By ian

Additive Pens use 3D printing to produce unique looking pens. I’ve had this pen a couple of years now and so this is a long term review. The pens come with stainless steel Jowo nibs but I’ve been using mine with a 14k gold broad nib ground to a stub by FP Nibs. Price: $180Filling […]

Off Lines Notepads Review

10 December 2018 By ian

Off Lines is a German company that makes little notepads with easily removable pages. Size: 9cm by 13cm (small version); 7.4cm by 10.5cm (medium version) Price: €8 (small); €10 (medium); add €7 for a pen; a pack of small refills costs €6 for 100 sheets Pages: 64 sheets Cover: denim tag in black or ‘sahara’ […]

Benu Chameleon Fountain Pen Review

28 September 2018 By ian

Benu is a Russian company that makes fountain pens with wonderful names, with interesting shapes, and with beautiful patterns and colours. I’ve been wanting to try one for a while so was very happy when Scribble lent me his to look at. This review will form part of a meta-review over at United Inkdom sometime […]

Edison Pen Co. Pearlette Fountain Pen Review

29 August 2018 By ian

I reviewed the Edison Pen Co Collier a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. It felt like a pen that was designed by someone who really enjoyed using pens and it had a great old-school charm combined with modern nibs and materials. When Goldspot pens offered to send me a Pearlette to review […]

Esmie Paperback Notebook Review

15 August 2018 By ian

Esmie is a UK company making a range of beautiful looking pocket-ish sized notebooks. This notebook was sent to me by Nero’s Notes for the purposes of this review. These are my own thoughts, having used it for a couple of weeks. Size: 10cm by 14cm Price: £5 each Pages: 28 Cover: screen printed card […]