Field Notes Cherry Graph front cover bending

Field Notes Cherry Graph Notebook Mini-Review

11 February 2016 By ian

Field Notes Cherry Graph mini review

There’s no denying the Cherry Graph notebook is an amazing creation. The covers are made with an incredibly thin piece of real cherry wood. It’s an engineering marvel and it looks beautiful.

Price: £8/$10 for three
Size: 9cm by 14cm (3.5″ by 5.5″)
Pages: 48
Ruling type: grid
Paper: 75gsm/50lb
Cover: made from wood!

I used this notebook for exactly 48 days, writing my three plus one good things on one page per day. I used pencil because the paper isn’t very friendly to fountain pens and because pencils are great.

Field Notes Cherry Graph inside front cover

The covers look beautiful but they are not all that practical. They tend to open out.

Field Notes Cherry Graph front cover bending

Even though the notebook never left my desk the edge frayed.

Field Notes Cherry Graph edge

The Cherry Graph is not the most practical notebook but it’s perfectly useable but it looks beautiful. You also get to watch the eyes of friends and relations glaze over as you enthusiastically explain how amazing it is.

I’m glad Field Notes made the Cherry Graph. I’m glad it exists. But I won’t be using it very often.


Looks beautiful
It’s amazing that they exist


Cover frays
Cover doesn’t lie flat
Not fountain pen friendly