Reasons to Write Part One

9 September 2013 By ian

I’m always looking for excuses to use my pens. What excuses have I found?

Excuse one (of five)

Three plus one good things

Each evening (or first thing the next morning) I write down three good things about the day. They can be anything from a new pen to a good sunset to a good friend to something my children have done to (always) being thankful to be loved by someone wonderful. Usually each of these things is just a short sentence.

Then I write down one more good thing. I’ll usually but not always write a little more about this one.

Why not just four good things, I hear you ask? It came from something I read somewhere (I haven’t been able to find where) but, to my mind, there is something lovely about thinking about three good things and then… thinking of one more. Probably silly but it works for me.

There is of course no reason you have to stop at three plus one. It’s just a minimum for me. I do now and then write down some bonus good things too.