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General’s Calendar Pencil Review

7 January 2016 By ian

The General’s Cedar Pointe is one of my favourite pencils so I was looking forward to trying another one of their range, the Calendar pencil. Price: $0.70 Lead grade options: No. 2 (HB, but more like 2H in this pencil) Barrel colours: yellow Barrel shape: hexagonal Eraser?: no This is a simple pencil. There are […]

Caran d’Ache Grafwood Pencil Review

17 December 2015 By ian

Last week I reviewed the Caran d’Ache Edelweiss, a reasonable writing pencil that is inexplicably extremely hard to get in the UK. The Grafwood, in contrast, is a drawing pencil that can be found almost everywhere. Price: £2.50 Lead grade options: 4H to 9B Barrel colours: many shades of grey Barrel shape: hexagonal Eraser?: no […]

Caran d’Ache Edelweiss Wooden Pencil Review

10 December 2015 By ian

Caran d’Ache generally make quite expensive things, some of which are quite nice. One example is the Swiss Wood, which isn’t expensive when compared to, say, a Ferrari but at £3.50 a piece is not exactly a budget pencil. It’s lovely though. The Edelweiss, on the other hand, costs about 70p. Price: $1 (USA) Lead […]

Mitsubishi 9852EW Wooden Pencil Review

26 November 2015 By ian

The Mitsu-Bishi 9852EW is a rare beast: a Japanese pencil with an eraser. It’s reasonably priced and is for Master Writing, whatever that is. Price: $1.30 (USA) Lead grade options: HB Barrel colours: Natural Barrel shape: Hexagonal Eraser?: Yes This pencil looks gorgeous. It’s a natural finish with crisp green writing on three sides. One […]

Tombow 2558 Wooden Pencil Review

12 November 2015 By ian

The Tombow 2558 is a simple yellow pencil for, in Tombow’s own words, “general writing”. Price: $1 to $1.20 each Lead grade options: H, HB, B Barrel colours: Only yellow Barrel shape: Hexagonal Eraser?: Yes I love how this pencil looks. It’s a very classy shade of yellow with very crisp dark burgundy printing (except […]