Mitsu-Bishi 9852EW review

Mitsubishi 9852EW Wooden Pencil Review

26 November 2015 By ian

Mitsu-Bishi 9852EW review

The Mitsu-Bishi 9852EW is a rare beast: a Japanese pencil with an eraser. It’s reasonably priced and is for Master Writing, whatever that is.

Price: $1.30 (USA)
Lead grade options: HB
Barrel colours: Natural
Barrel shape: Hexagonal
Eraser?: Yes

Mitsu-Bishi 9852EW Master Writing

This pencil looks gorgeous. It’s a natural finish with crisp green writing on three sides. One side has the usual ugly looking barcode but apart from that it’s lovely. The ferrule is a foxy looking purple and the eraser is black.

Mitsu-Bishi 9852EW eraser

Japanese pencils don’t generally come with erasers and although this one looks great it doesn’t work so well. It’s crumbly and doesn’t erase particularly efficiently, being quite smeary.

Mitsu-Bishi 9852EW backside

The pencil keeps its point well. It’s a little gritty now and then when writing but not too bad for this price.

Mitsu-Bishi 9852EW pointy bit

It hadn’t sharpened too cleanly when I took the pictures but that was as much due to the sharpener I was using (a KUM Long Point) than the pencil itself.

Mitsu-Bishi 9852EW sharpening

The 9852EW is a fantastic looking pencil that holds it’s own when it comes to writing but is let down a little by the eraser, which fails to combine good looks with good work. Beauty and efficiency, such rare bedfellows.

Mitsu-Bishi 9852EW resting


Beautiful natural finish
Great looking ferrule and eraser


Eraser isn’t great

Mitsu-Bishi 9852EW handwritten review