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Derwent Inktense Watercolour Pencils

11 November 2016 By ian

Here’s a sketch I did a few weeks ago on a sunny autumn’s day by the sea. I really enjoy this combination of ink and watercolour pencils. Using pencils rather than paint helps to stop me overworking a picture, a constant battle I have with myself. These Derwent Inktense pencils are available in seventy-two different […]

Sprout Wooden Pencil Review

28 September 2016 By ian

The Sprout pencil is a pencil you can plant when you’ve finished using it. There are graphite and colouring versions. Pencils are available with a wide variety of seeds including flowers, fruits and herbs. The barrel of the pencils are made of cedar from sustainable forests: a new tree is planted each time one is […]

Tombow 8900 Pencil Review

18 May 2016 By ian

Tombow make great pencils for both writing and drawing. The 8900 is Tombow’s cheaper pencil for “General Writing”. Price: $0.80 Lead grade options: 2H, H, HB, B, 2B Barrel colours: green Barrel shape: hexagonal Eraser?: no The 8900 is a good looking pencil. It’s simple, with an unfinished end, but a good quality green finish […]

Musgrave Test Scoring 100 Wooden Pencil Review

28 January 2016 By ian

The Musgrave Test Scoring 100 is a budget wooden pencil in a distinctive silver finish. It’s designed for filling in those little boxes you get in multiple choice tests, with extra-reflective graphite meant to be picked up more reliably by scanners. Price: $0.70 Lead grade options: just this – feels like 2B or so Barrel […]

Guide to Pencils for Drawing

14 January 2016 By ian

What makes a pencil good for drawing? While it’s possible to produce absolutely beautiful art with just a single pencil, for the purposes of this guide we’ll be looking only at pencils that are available, as a minimum, in a range of grades from at least HB to 6B. Erasers aren’t necessary as you’ll almost […]