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RNLB Ernest and Mabel (sketch)

21 September 2018 By ian

Here’s the latest picture in my Dorset series. It’s the larger of Weymouth’s two lifeboats, the RNLB Ernest and Mabel. Drawn with Mitsubishi Hi-Uni pencils on Bristol board. The Bristol board is ultra-smooth and helps me to get smooth textures and fine detail (but lacks the character you get from cartridge or watercolour paper). This […]

Bird Project (sketches)

5 September 2018 By ian

When I was young I really enjoyed learning the names of all the birds and identifying and watching the ones I saw. Like so many things, over the years I’ve forgotten pretty much all of what I once knew. It’s knowledge I’m keen to regain, especially since moving to Weymouth, which has two bird reserves, […]

Cards and Prints

3 August 2018 By ian

At my home on the south coast of England, I now have the world’s smallest gallery. It won’t stay small forever as I’m adding to it at the supersonic rate of about one drawing per month. I’m currently working on a picture of Weymouth’s lifeboat, the glacial progress of which you can follow along with […]

Portland Bill Lighthouse (sketch)

20 July 2018 By ian

I used Bristol board for this picture. The very smooth surface let me get more detail. That’s not always what I’m after; often I want to see the texture of the paper and I want to lean more towards getting the idea of somewhere or something. (This is particularly the case with pets and people!) […]