Tombow 8900 review

Tombow 8900 Pencil Review

18 May 2016 By ian

Tombow 8900 review

Tombow make great pencils for both writing and drawing. The 8900 is Tombow’s cheaper pencil for “General Writing”.

Tombow 8900 for general writing

Price: $0.80
Lead grade options: 2H, H, HB, B, 2B
Barrel colours: green
Barrel shape: hexagonal
Eraser?: no

The 8900 is a good looking pencil. It’s simple, with an unfinished end, but a good quality green finish and crisply printed letters. The important information is in gold.

Tombow 8900 resting

The less important information and the ugly barcode is in white.

Tombow 8900 barcode

The pencil sharpens nicely giving a good point with a smooth finish to the wood.

Tombow 8900 sharpening

The graphite is fairly good. It’s a step above the usual fare you might find in shops but it’s not quite up to the standard of, for example, the Tombow 2558. It’s smooth but not as smooth.

Tombow 8900 pointy bit

The 8900 is a good pencil. However, for not much more you can get a 2558 which is a great pencil and also has an eraser.


Nice simple well presented finish
Good lead


None, but spend a little more and get a 2558 instead

Tombow 8900 handwritten review