Jumble of sharpeners

Guide to Small Handheld Pencil Sharpeners

There are dozens of different sharpeners, in all shapes, sizes, materials and colours. Here I’m looking at small one-step handheld sharpeners. One-step just means you can get a finished point in one go. Some sharpeners are two-step: you sharpen the wood first and then the graphite, to give a long[…]

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Guide to Pencils for Drawing

What makes a pencil good for drawing? While it’s possible to produce absolutely beautiful art with just a single pencil, for the purposes of this guide we’ll be looking only at pencils that are available, as a minimum, in a range of grades from at least HB to 6B. Erasers[…]

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D1 refill comparison part 2 review

Guide to D1 Refills

Many moons ago I did a comparison of six different D1 refills and called it ‘part one‘. I was fully intending to do a ‘part two’ soon after but it didn’t happen. Here it is now, though. Better late than never! Just to recap, D1 refills are small refills used[…]

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