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Clairefontaine Europa Notemaker notebook review

17 April 2014 By ian

This is a review of the A5 lemon yellow version of the Clairefontaine Europa Notemaker. It’s also available in A4 size and in blue, pink, green and purple. There are 120 pages (60 sheets). The cardboard cover is stiff enough to make for comfortable writing if resting the notebook on your lap. Of course, being […]

Doane Paper Grid+Lines notebook review

27 March 2014 By ian

The Doane Paper Grid + Lines pocket notebook is an extremely well made little notebook with unique (you guessed it) gridded and lined paper. The cardboard cover is good and thick. It’s certainly thicker than the cover of a Field Notes notebook and seems a little thicker (certainly stiffer) than the cover of a Calepino. […]

SlimNote pocket notebook review

16 January 2014 By ian

SlimNote pocket notebooks are handmade by Tiny TOE Press. They are 3.5 by 5 inches, 50 pages, plain except for the rather mad hex set. Thus very pocketable and lovely. The paper is reasonably friendly to fountain pens. As the samples show, there is a little feathering and bleeding with wetter pens. It is perfectly […]

Rhodia No. 16 Block Notepad review

7 January 2014 By ian

Rhodia is pretty much standard issue for anyone who takes an interest in fountain pens. In fact, since I wrote this review and queued it up, Gourmet Pens and A Fool With A Pen both published much better reviews of the same paper. So much better, in fact, that I was going to pull this […]

Calepino Large Notebooks review and giveaway

31 December 2013 By ian

I am, it is safe to say, a huge fan of Calepino notebooks. They look great, the small sized ones are a good price, they’re durable and the paper is fantastic. I use them all time: for work, for a pocket book, to write down three-plus-one good things each day, to plan out my days […]