Clairefontaine Europa Notemaker notebook review

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This is a review of the A5 lemon yellow version of the Clairefontaine Europa Notemaker. It’s also available in A4 size and in blue, pink, green and purple. There are 120 pages (60 sheets).

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The cardboard cover is stiff enough to make for comfortable writing if resting the notebook on your lap. Of course, being cardboard, it’s easy enough to write on if you want to label it.

Clairefontaine Europa Notemaker review

The ring binding is better than usual in that it hasn’t undone yet and the holes in the paper don’t easily tear out. I often find with these kinds of notebooks that all the paper starts falling out before too long. I can’t see that easily happening with this notebook. The micro perforations along the edge of the paper tear easily when you want them to.

Clairefontaine Europa Notemaker rings

The paper is fantastic. Rhodia notepads use Clairefontaine paper. Need I say more? I will anyway. It’s 90gsm white lined paper. The lines may be a little dark for some. This paper loves fountain pens. Inks shine, there’s no feathering, no bleeding and hardly any show through.

Clairefontaine Europa Notemaker ink test front

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The Clairefontaine Europa Notemaker is a very functional notebook at a decent price with outstanding paper.

Clairefontaine Europa Notemaker handwritten review

This notebook was very kindly sent to me free of charge by Pure Pens. These are entirely my own views, nevertheless.


  1. I would love a notebook like this…if I were still in college. LOL. Graduated a couple years back. What an awesome notebook and the fact that it doesn’t blled (minus the exception of a Sharpie). Thank you for bringing to light a good Fountain pen friendly notebook 🙂

    1. Yes it’s a great little notebook that would have been perfect when I was in school – rather more than a couple of years ago for me…

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