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RNLB Ernest and Mabel (sketch)

21 September 2018 By ian

Here’s the latest picture in my Dorset series. It’s the larger of Weymouth’s two lifeboats, the RNLB Ernest and Mabel. Drawn with Mitsubishi Hi-Uni pencils on Bristol board. The Bristol board is ultra-smooth and helps me to get smooth textures and fine detail (but lacks the character you get from cartridge or watercolour paper). This […]

Guide to Pencils for Drawing

14 January 2016 By ian

What makes a pencil good for drawing? While it’s possible to produce absolutely beautiful art with just a single pencil, for the purposes of this guide we’ll be looking only at pencils that are available, as a minimum, in a range of grades from at least HB to 6B. Erasers aren’t necessary as you’ll almost […]

Eggardon Hill Fort (picture)

20 February 2015 By ian

Dorset is a beautiful rural county. It has no cities and no motorways. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to picture how it would have looked in ancient times, such as when the hill fort to the right of this picture was built, 2500 years ago. Tombow Mono 100 pencils, Pink Pig sketchbook

View From the Oasis (sketch)

13 February 2015 By ian

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen lots of photos from around here, the Oasis Cafe on Weymouth beach. It’s one of our favourite spots. This little picture is the start of a process of me trying not to be so exact. Expect to see a lot more of me trying different things […]

molossus, who says Life Imitates Doodles

21 August 2013 By ian

molossus, who says Life Imitates Doodles There’s so much good stuff on Flickr. I particularly love Sandra Strait’s work. Her paintings and doodles are beautiful and she gets bonus points for so often sharing the pens and inks she uses. I’m a zentangle fanatic who loves mastiffs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, reading, and did I […]