Palomino Golder Bear review

Palomino Golden Bear Pencil Review

28 May 2015 By ian

Palomino Golder Bear review

The Palomino Golden Bear is a wooden pencil available in HB/#2 with blue or orange barrels. A dozen will cost you about $3.

The barrel is a sharpish hexagonal cross section and I find it a little uncomfortable to hold. I realise though that I’m a bit of a wimp whe it comes to holding pens and pencils, my hands never having done an honest day’s work in my life.

Palomino Golder Bear full length

The finish of the barrel is pretty good though. It’s simple and classic in an old-fashioned kind of way. It scores bonus points for not having a barcode.

The wood is cedar and it sharpens well.

Palomino Golder Bear sharpening

This is good because you will be doing a lot of sharpening. The lead is soft and waxy. The point stays sharp for maybe a letter or two. I do not like this lead at all.

Palomino Golder Bear pointy bit

The eraser’s firm and does its job well.

Palomino Golder Bear eraser

This is a much better pencil than most at this price. However much better pencils can be found for prices that are still very reasonable. I can’t recommend this pencil at all, due to the horrible crumbly waxy lead.

Palomino Golder Bear handwritten review