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Palomino Prospector Pencil Review

27 August 2015 By ian

The Palomino Prospector is a wooden pencil that costs just $1.95 a dozen ($2.25 for the green ones). It’s made from basswood, comes only as HB and is available in a ‘natural’ or a green finish. The Prospector looks good. There is minimal branding and the green in particular has a simple elegance, reminiscent of […]

Forest Choice #2 Pencil Review

25 June 2015 By ian

The Forest Choice is a wooden pencil available in #2 (HB) grade. It comes with an eraser and is available in boxes of 12 for about $3. The pencil is made from incense cedar and lays claim to being the first FSC-certified pencil. The barrel is lacquered and is simply branded. There’s no barcode but […]

Palomino Golden Bear Pencil Review

28 May 2015 By ian

The Palomino Golden Bear is a wooden pencil available in HB/#2 with blue or orange barrels. A dozen will cost you about $3. The barrel is a sharpish hexagonal cross section and I find it a little uncomfortable to hold. I realise though that I’m a bit of a wimp whe it comes to holding […]

Palomino HB Pencil Review

22 January 2015 By ian

The Palomino HB is a wooden pencil available in orange or blue. It costs about a dollar and is made in Japan. This pencil’s made from incense cedar, which is a good thing. It smells great and it sharpens well. Much like the Palomino Graphite Drawing Pencils, which I suspect are the same pencil only […]

Palomino Graphite Drawing Pencils

4 December 2014 By ian

Palomino Graphite Drawing Pencils are made in Japan from incense cedar. They’re available in grades from 2H to 6B and cost around $12 for a dozen. Theses pencils look pretty good, with a bright orange-red barrel and black end. One side is printed simply ‘Palomino’ and the other side has the ugly but sadly ubiquitous […]