Minimal Sketchkit

Minimal sketchkit

Here’s what I carry with me in my pockets wherever I go, so I can take any opportunity there is to draw.

Minimal sketchkit open

It’s a Calepino notebook in a Davis Leatherworks cover, with a Kaweco Liliput (filled with Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri-Same) and a Kaweco Brass Sketch Up clutch pencil.

The notebook suits me because it handles both pencil and fountain pen beautifully. There’s a little bit of texture to the paper but not too much; just enough to give some character. The paper will even take a little light watercolour in a pinch.

The Liliput is just a gorgeous little pen and small enough to forget about when I don’t need it. It’s fun to use to draw, using an extra-fine nib and Kiri-Same, an ink that shades beautifully and is a lovely gentle grey.

Finally, the Sketch Up is great for when I want to do something a little different. The built in lead pointer is useful and the thick lead means I can’t get too obsessed with detail.

Quick sketch


  1. Nice! I tend to carry a Kaweco Sport EF (more for note taking than sketching though) and a capped 9000 version of the Faber Castell Perfect Pencil.

    Paper wise, I like the small (A7?) size Graf-It pads from Clairefontaine, which are small enough to take anywhere. If I have more space, I’ll carry an A6 pad (in an e-Pure cover) from the same range, or an A6 dot grid pad. Again, given the room, the Faber Castell Broadpen would be my sketching pen of choice.

    1. Good stuff! Funnily enough I was looking for my very same Perfect Pencil this morning. Can’t find it anywhere. What you’ve described is similar to what I’m calling my basic sketch kit which I’ve written up for the week after next. I keep forgetting about the GrafIt sketch pads, they’re really good.

      1. Hope that Perfect Pencil turns up! For me, it’s usually a question of remembering which jacket I was wearing last 🙂

        I agree on the Graf Its, although I do wish that dot grid was available in smaller sizes than A5 in that range (I’ve taken to buying extra A5 pads, and making my own sketchbooks in A6 size from them).

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