Nock Co Lookout open from side

Nock Co Lookout Pen Case Review

26 March 2015 By ian

Nock Co Lookout pen case review

The Lookout is a three slot pen case available for $20 direct from Nock Co. It’s available in a range of groovy colours though, shockingly, no longer in this particular combination. (You can get the mandarin exterior or the mango interior but not with each other.)

Nock Co Lookout open from the top

This is a solid case that gives you confidence that your most precious pens will be kept safe. It’s made from thick nylon that’s been treated to be water resistant. It’s like a good study rucksack and is reassuringly padded, too. The stitching is fantastic and seems to be very strong. I’ve used this case daily since I got it (many months ago, via Kickstarter) and there isn’t even the slightest hint of fraying or undoing. The flap of the case folds over and tucks under the strap, keeping everything secure.

Nock Co Lookout side view closed

Most pens will fit in this case with ease. The slots are plenty wide enough to fit just about anything (but the padding keeps them snug). The case is 6 inches long. All my pens fit, with only my Twiss Marmalade, and the occasional mechanical pencil, getting close to the top. You can see in the pictures that the Kuru-Toga is about as long as you should go with this case.

Nock Co Lookout open from top

This is perhaps the most traditional of Nock Co’s offerings but none the worse for that. It’s extremely well made, excellent value and it keeps your pens safe. What more could you ask for?

Nock Co Lookout open from side

In case (no put intended) you’re interested, the three pens in here are: Lamy Logo fountain pen, Lamy Vista rollerball and Uni Kuru-Toga pencil.