Nock Co Fodderstack XL Cover Review

Nock Co make a very interesting range of cases in designs that can’t be found elsewhere. The Fodderstack XL is a good example of this. It’s 6” by 3.5” (15cm by 9cm in 21st century units) and holds one or two pens along with a notebook. The colour options vary[…]

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Nock Co Sinclair Case Review

What I love about Nock Co is how they come up with ideas for cases that no-one else has thought of but once you see them you know they’re just what you need. The Sinclair was absolutely like this but it took me a while to get hold of one.[…]

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Taking the Sinclair for a Spin (picture)

After literally months of trying I was finally able to get hold of a Nock Co Sinclair pen case. (I’ll review it in a few weeks but, spoiler: it’s pretty much perfect.) And what better place to try it out than by the beach on a rare sunny day?

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Nock Co Hightower review

Nock Co Hightower Pen Case Pen Addict Special Review and Auction

Wayyyy back in January Brad and Myke of the Pen Addict podcast launched a Kickstarter campaign to get Myke to the Atlanta pen show and enable them, after over three years of talking to each other over Skype, to finally meet in person. The great moment was filmed exclusively for[…]

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Nock Co Lookout open from side

Nock Co Lookout Pen Case Review

The Lookout is a three slot pen case available for $20 direct from Nock Co. It’s available in a range of groovy colours though, shockingly, no longer in this particular combination. (You can get the mandarin exterior or the mango interior but not with each other.) This is a solid[…]

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