Nock Co Lookout open from side

Nock Co Lookout Pen Case Review

The Lookout is a three slot pen case available for $20 direct from Nock Co. It’s available in a range of groovy colours though, shockingly, no longer in this particular combination. (You can get the mandarin exterior or the mango interior but not with each other.) This is a solid[…]

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Nock Co Brasstown review

Nock Co Brasstown pen case review

The Brasstown is a pen case zip roll pen case from Nock Co. It’s made from waterproofed nylon and costs $35. There are six different colour options: orange/orange, orange/blue, navy blue/grey, navy blue/blue, grey/orange and grey/blue. Clearly orange/orange, or to give its official name, mandarin/mango, is the only completely acceptable[…]

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Nock Co Sassafras pen case label

Nock Co Sassafras pen case review

I was very excited when Brad Dowdy announced he would be going into business with Jeffery Bruckwicki to manufacture handmade pen cases. I knew they would be great and I backed the Kickstarter project immediately. Just recently Brad and Jeffery opened their online store and so I thought the time[…]

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Kokuyo NeoCritz Transformer pencil case ready to go

Kokuyo NeoCritz Transformer pencil case review

When I first saw the name of this I got entirely the wrong idea about what Transformer meant. I had visions of robots and terrible sequels and never being able to get the toys back the way they were. Fortunately I eventually worked out that these were something different. The[…]

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