Not Breaking the Bank

25 March 2015 By ian

We do like to joke about how much money this pen obsession/interest/hobby costs us and, I can’t pretend otherwise, it has cost me a small fortune. It’s easy to lose perspective: you begin by sweating over spending £18 on a Kaweco Classic Sport (I mean, £18 on a pen) and before you know it you’re spending that on a bottle of ink and seriously trying to convince yourself that it’s perfectly okay to spend £350 on a Pelikan Streseman. (It’s way beyond my means but oh boy do I wish it wasn’t.)

This inflationary desire can end up driving people away, though. I know that some of the pens I review on here are beyond what many people can afford, just as many of the pens I read about on sites that I love, written by people that I admire, are way beyond what I can afford.

What got me absolutely hooked was listening to Brad talk to Myke on the Pen Addict podcast about the OHTO Graphic Liner. I bought one, for £1.50, and a whole new world opened up to me.

There is much delight to be had in finding and using a pen as good as the Graphic Liner. Then there’s Rhodia, who make some of the finest paper around and it is not expensive. Pilot gel pens are wonderful and very reasonably priced. Although not trivial purchases, Lamy, Kaweco, Faber-Castell and Pilot all make great fountain pens at prices within reach of most.

There is a whole world of writing goodness out there that everyone can enjoy without breaking the bank.

Now, maybe the kids can do without a holiday this year, and I can get that Streseman. . .