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Mitsubishi 9852EW Wooden Pencil Review

26 November 2015 By ian

The Mitsu-Bishi 9852EW is a rare beast: a Japanese pencil with an eraser. It’s reasonably priced and is for Master Writing, whatever that is. Price: $1.30 (USA) Lead grade options: HB Barrel colours: Natural Barrel shape: Hexagonal Eraser?: Yes This pencil looks gorgeous. It’s a natural finish with crisp green writing on three sides. One […]

Mitsubishi 9850 Wooden Pencil Review

22 October 2015 By ian

The Mitsu-bishi 9850 is a mighty fine cedar pencil with, unusually for a Japanese pencil, an eraser. It’s purpose is printed proudly on one side: “Smooth writing pencil for office use.” Price: $1 each Lead grade options: HB Barrel colours: A rather lovely maroon Barrel shape: Hexagonal Eraser?: Yes The paint is thickly applied and […]

Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni HB Pencil Review

30 April 2015 By ian

The Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni is a wooden pencil available in grades from 10B to 10H, including F. It costs about £2.40 in the UK and about $2.50 in the USA. It isn’t available with an eraser. The barrel is made from cedar and is wonderful. It has that gorgeous cedar aroma and it sharpens easily and […]

Mitsubishi Hi-Uni pencil review

4 September 2014 By ian

The Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencil is a wooden pencil that comes in a vast range of different grades from 10B to 10H (22 grades in all). The finish is a gorgeous dark purple with gold lettering and trim and a black end. The hexagonal body neatly transforms into a rounded end. Everything suggests care and attention […]