Kaweco Liliput fountain pen posted

Kaweco Liliput fountain pen review

29 December 2014 By ian

Kaweco Liliput fountain pen review

The Kaweco Liliput is a very small metal-barrelled pen. It comes in a variety of finishes and with nibs from extra-fine to extra-broad. This version costs a little over £60 in the UK and a little over $80 in the USA.

Kaweco Liliput fountain pen posted

I doubt it’s possible to make a pen much smaller than this without making it unusable. There is just enough space inside the barrel for a short international sized cartridge. The rest of the pen is simply the section and a cap.

Kaweco Liliput fountain pen deconstructed

The Kaweco Liliput is a simple brass tube with a nib in it and I love it for that simplicity.

Kaweco Liliput fountain pen capped

The nib is a standard Kaweco one and so swappable with most of the range. The extra-fine nib in this pen is fantastic. It’s smooth and quite fine by German-nib standards. Kaweco’s finer nibs, on the whole, are their best.

Kaweco Liliput fountain pen nib

The cap screws off the section end of the barrel and onto the very end to form a pen of a decent length. In my big hands there’s no denying it’s small but it’s big enough to use for a reasonable amount of time without discomfort. I find it a lot more comfortable than the Pilot Petite, for example. The only problem I have is that it’s impossible to for me to use it unposted and the cap takes a lot of turns to take off and post. Unlike the Kaweco Sport range, this injects a delay into taking a quick note.

Kaweco Liliput fountain pen end

I like things to be what they are and there is something that is very honest about this pen. It is all about being a tube with a nib. The brass develops a beautiful patina very quickly and just looks fantastic. It’s perfect for knocking about in a pocket: it’s small and any knocks or scratches just add to its charm.

Kaweco Liliput fountain pen with enormous hand

Have you noticed that I like this pen rather a lot? It’s got simplicity and charm, and it writes wonderfully.

Kaweco Liliput handwritten review

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