Faber-Castell CX Colour resting on cap

Faber-Castell CX Colour Ballpoint Pen Review

26 January 2016 By ian

Faber-Castell CX Colour review

Like many people my passion for pens started with the revelation that there was something better than the average store cupboard ballpoint. This lead to a certain prejudice against ballpoints in general but the Uni Jetstream and my fairly recent discovery of the Schmidt 9000 EasyFlow have convinced me that it is possible to find a ballpoint that’s a pleasure to use.

The Faber-Castell CX Colour is a hybrid ink ballpoint from a company whose fountain pens I love. How does it shape up?

Faber-Castell CX Colour end

I was able to purchase this pen at a discount thanks to the support Cult Pens are giving Pens! Paper! Pencils! You can but the pen direct from Cult Pens here. These are my own opinions and Cult Pens did not require a review in return for the discount.

Price: £0.75
Tip size options: medium
Barrel options: plastic, colour matches ink
Ink type: hybrid ballpoint, in black, brown, blue, green, lime green, lilac, orange, pink, red, turquoise

Faber-Castell CX Colour posted

Hybrid ink combines the write-anywhere and permanent qualities of a ballpoint with the easy flow of a gel pen. The Jetstream shows how wonderful it can be. The CX Colour shows that hybrid ink is no guarantee of a pleasant experience. It has all the hard starts and skipping of a normal ballpoint and the ink isn’t particularly black.

Faber-Castell CX Colour tip

The transparent barrel doesn’t look too bad on one side but has a huge bright bar code on the other. The refill rattles about inside it. The ridged grip section provides sufficient grip without being uncomfortable.

Faber-Castell CX Colour bar code

The soft plastic clip is fine. The cap pushes on to post securely and closes with a reassuring click.

Faber-Castell CX Colour cap

The CX Colour, as it’s name suggests, comes in a variety of colours and it may be that you have a need for a ballpoint in one of those colours. Otherwise, whilst not a terrible pen for the price, I just don’t know why I would want to use one of these instead of a Jetstream or something with the 9000 EasyFlow refill.

Faber-Castell CX Colour resting on cap


Good range of colours


Ink flow is inconsistent

Faber-Castell CX Colour handwritten review