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Kaweco Supra Stainless Steel fountain pen review

1 August 2020 By ian

The Kaweco Supra is a stubby metal pen that comes with an extension piece to make it a long metal pen. It’s unusual in Kaweco’s lineup in having a larger, #6, nib. Price: £105Filling method: cartridge/converterBarrel options: This pen is also available in brassNib options: stainless-steel; extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, extra-broadLength with extension piece: capped: […]

Kaweco Perkeo Fountain Pen Review And Giveaway

7 March 2018 By ian

The Perkeo is being pitched as Kaweco’s entry-level pen. It comes in some unusual colours. Is it any good, though? Price: £15 Filling method: standard international cartridge/converter Barrel options: oh my goodness: ‘cotton candy’ (pink and grey); ‘old chambray’ (blue and ivory); ‘bad taste’ (pink and black, with a black nib); ‘Indian summer’ (mustard and […]

Kaweco Steel Sport Fountain Pen Review

14 February 2018 By ian

Ah, metal pens, they get me every time. And the Kaweco Sport, that does too. A classic design: distinctive, timeless, and useful. There’s no point me trying to build up any kind of suspense. I love this pen. Price: £89 (with a stainless steel nib) Filling method: short international cartridge Barrel options: there are lots […]

Kaweco Dip Pen Giveaway

24 January 2017 By ian

Kaweco’s Dip Pen is a modern take on a very traditional object. It’s made from aluminium and looks very stylish. I’m not the best person to review a dip pen because my handwriting is truly terrible. You can, fortunately, find lots of reviews on Pennaquod. Instead, I’m giving one away. To enter, just leave a […]

Kaweco Smokey Grey Ink review

30 November 2016 By ian

Smokey Grey is one of Kaweco’s newer inks and it’s fantastic. I like it almost as much as Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri-Same and it’s a fair bit cheaper, too, at least if you’re paying UK prices. It also comes in short standard sized cartridges. It’s a good neutral grey that’s saturated enough to be legible. Thank […]