Kaweco ink cartridge giveaway

16 October 2014 By ian

Kaweco ink cartridge giveaway

Kaweco have a range of eight inks most of which are very lovely. Some are really quite special. One is a little bit horrid.

Kaweco were kind enough to send me one of each ink in a bottle and in packs of six cartridges. I am giving away the full set of cartridges to one lucky winner, with Kaweco’s permission. The cartridges are short international cartridges and so will fit a wide range of pens, not just Kaweco. Please check if you’re not sure.

The giveaway is open worldwide. It closes at 9pm GMT on Saturday 25th October.

All you have to do is tell me, in the comments, which of the eight colours is your favourite.

Here are links to each of the colours: Midnight Blue, Palm Green, Caramel Brown, Pearl Black, Paradise Blue, Ruby Red, Summer Purple, Royal Blue.

There are some wonderful inks in amongst this lot.

Good luck and thank you to Kaweco for their generosity.