Kaweco Caramel Brown ink review

Kaweco Caramel Brown ink review

This is the last of the eight inks Kaweco sent me to review. It’s the last because I’ve been putting off trying it. A Fool With a Pen described it as hideous and he and I often have very similar tastes, so I wasn’t looking forward to using Caramel Brown at all.

Was he right?


I do not like this colour at all.

Here I am doodling the Inkling.

Kaweco Caramel Brown Inkling


  1. I actually kinda love this brown. I called it “Sepia” when I wrote my review of it because the box of carts doesn’t have a name on it. I’m a big fan of brown inks, though, so that might be why I liked it so much.

  2. I’ve yet to find a brown ink that I didn’t at least like and had yet to try Kaweco ink, so I ordered a bottle. I’ve yet to give it a go, but hope that I like it more than you.

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