Kaweco Brass Sport review

Kaweco Brass Sport Fountain Pen Review

10 August 2015 By ian

Kaweco Brass Sport review

The Kaweco Classic Sport was my route into the world of fountain pens and I continue to consider the entire Sport fountain pen range to be outstanding. They are a perfect example of a design that is both beautiful and highly functional.

Kaweco Brass Sport posted

Brass is heavy but this pen is quite small so. It feels just about the right weight for me but if you like a lighter pen then it may be too much. Brass as a material looks fantastic when it’s new and develops the most gorgeous patina as it’s used. This Sport is no exception and the traditional Kaweco chrome finial and branding on the cap set it off nicely.

Kaweco Brass Sport side by side cap and pen

The cap screws closed so won’t come off if the pen is in your bag or pocket. It posts deeply and securely, with zero movement while in use, thanks in part to the plastic insert in the cap which makes everything nice and snug. It’s the joint best pocket pen I’ve used: it’s solid enough to take a battering in day to day use, the cap won’t come off and yet it’s still a good size to use comfortably.

Kaweco Brass Sport capped from a distance

The nib is smooth and reliable though a little on the dry side.

Kaweco Brass Sport nib

There are just two issues with the Brass Sport. The weight will put some off and there’s no decent converter. As with my other Sports, the best solution is to use cartridges (and syringe fill if you’re feeling adventurous).

Kaweco Brass Sport deconstructed

The former issue is a plus for me and the second I can live with. I love brass pens and I love the Kaweco Sport so it will come as no surprise to anyone that I absolutely adore this pen.

Kaweco Brass Sport handwritten review

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Kaweco loaned me this pen for review purposes. I liked it so much I bought it. These are my own honest opinions.