Field Notes No. 2 Pencil Review

Field Notes No2 pencil branding

The Field Notes No. 2 pencil is a cedar wood pencil with a groovy green eraser. They cost around £4.50 for six in the UK.

Field Notes No2 pencil dangerous cliffs

This is a round pencil with a natural finish. It smells absolutely fantastic. I accept that some people may think it’s a little weird to enjoy the smell of a pencil but what’s the point of a wooden pencil if you don’t celebrate its… woodenness?

Field Notes No2 pencil full length

The Field Notes pencil celebrates in practical back-to-basics style, too. The print on the side tells you exactly what you’re getting:

Field Notes No2 pencil useful information

The lead is fairly smooth, certainly better than your gift store kind of pencil, though not in topmost tier of silky Blackwing smoothness. It holds its point quite well too.

Field Notes No2 pencil pointy end

The eraser works well and I absolutely love the colour. It rubs out pencil marks, which you can’t say about every pencil’s eraser, and it doesn’t wear down too fast.

Field Notes No2 pencil eraser

This is a very good pencil with a charm all of its own.

Field Notes No2 Pencil Handwritten review

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