Faber-Castell Dessin 2001 Pencil Review

Faber-Castell Dessin 2001 review

The Faber-Castell Dessin 2001 is a mid-priced (about 70p/$1) wooden pencil. It’s only available in a limited range of lead grades (I’ve seen HB, B and 2B but there may be more). This 2001 version has an eraser, there’s a 2000 version that’s without.

Faber-Castell Dessin 2001 bar code

The finish is water-based and applied well although the gold lettering does rub off a little with use. It’s cursed, as pencils so often are, with a barcode but it doesn’t look as bad as some.

The lead is fairly smooth – better than your average pencil but not as good as the best Palominos, Tombows or Mitsubishis. (It doesn’t cost as much either.)

Faber-Castell Dessin 2001 sharpening

The lead holds its point quite well and the pencil sharpens easily. The hexagonal barrel is made from incense cedar (I think).

Faber-Castell Dessin 2001 eraser

The pink eraser works quite well. It does rub out, mostly, and it doesn’t disappear too quickly.

Faber-Castell Dessin 2001 pointy end

Looks are subjective but I do think this pencil looks very stylish. It also performs pretty well. I enjoy writing with it but wouldn’t choose to draw with it. A good pencil for the money.

Faber-Castell Dessin 2001 handwritten review

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  1. Ian, I can’t put my finger on it, but I agree, for some reason the barcode appears inconspicuous on the Dessin. I think the Dessin’s colour scheme and striping make for a very handsome pencil.

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