Chocolate Brownie Mini Pencil Case Review

Chocolate Brownie Mini Pencil Case closed from the end

A bonus little review this week, of this absolutely beautiful pencil case. I backed this on Kickstarter and if I remember rightly it was delivered on time. It’s available online for $38 Australian, which works out at about $29 US or £20. It’s made from New Zealand waxed leather.

Chocolate Brownie Mini Pencil Case open

It’s long enough to hold most new pencils and big enough to hold plenty of them. I’ve got twenty pencils and a sharpener in mine and there’s probably room for a couple more. The quality of workmanship is topnotch, as is the quality of materials used.

Chocolate Brownie Pencil Case closed from the top

There’s a theme that many of the items I enjoy have in common and I don’t think it can be expressed any better than by this quote from Chocolate Brownie’s website:

chocolate brownie is driven by a passion for durable materials, traditional craftsmanship, contemporary design and a relationship between person and object. This passion, combined with love and care makes chocolate brownie pieces so exquisitely unique.

This is just a pencil case but it’s a beautiful object that has a purpose, that’s meant to be used, and in that use brings a little bit of joy to something that could otherwise be mundane and ordinary.

Chocolate Brownie Mini Pencil Case open from the end

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