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Ti2 TechLiner Gel Ink Pen Review

26 January 2015 By ian

Ti2 TechLiner review

The Ti2 TechLiner is a machined metal pen available direct from the manufacturer for between $60 and $125. It comes with the Uni Signo 207 gel ink refill and will also take a Jetstream hybrid ink ballpoint. It will no doubt take others too. It’s available made from titanium, brass, copper or bronze in a range of finishes. There are two lengths – the shorty (5”) and the standard (5.75”). My version is the acid-washed brass shorty and costs $60 (although I got it for less by backing it on Kickstarter). It’s possible to buy a clip as an added extra.

Ti2 TechLiner closed

The unusual feature of the TechLiner is the use of magnets to hold the cap on either end, to cap the pen or post the cap. These are fun: I love to watch the magnet suck the cap into place. They’re also very functional, easily being strong enough to hold the cap in place. I thought it would be gimmicky before I tried it but the functionality makes it feel like simply a very good idea. The pen is well thought through from start to finish and has been expertly made.

Ti2 TechLiner posted

The refill is great and the fact that it takes the wonderful Jetstream refill as well is a significant plus. There is a slight amount of play in the tip, a consequence of it extending as much as it does. It isn’t noticeable when writing.

Ti2 TechLiner deconstructed

Being brass this is a heavy pen. I find it a comfortable weight, particularly as I prefer my pens on the heavier side. The weight is generally the second thing that people say about the pen, though.

Ti2 TechLiner tip

The first thing that people say about this pen is, “Wow, that’s beautiful.” (Actually, no-one I know anyone in real life says that about pens. What people really say is, “That looks nice,” but I interpret it as above.) They are right, of course. It’s a stunning pen.

Ti2 TechLiner uncapped

This is by far my favourite non-fountain pen. It’s lovely to write with, it has a character all to itself, and it’s beautiful.

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Ti2 TechLiner handwritten review