Uni Jetstream top of clip

Uni Jetstream 0.7 ballpoint review

15 December 2014 By ian

Uni Jetstream top of clip

The Uni Jetstream SX-217 is a hybrid ink ballpoint with a 0.7mmm tip. It’s available with black, blue, blue-black or red ink. It’s also available with a 1.0mm tip but that feels so different to use it might as well be a different pen. The Jetstream costs about £2.50 in the UK and $3 in the USA.

Uni Jetstream uncapped

Hybrid ink is a cross between ballpoint (oil-based) ink and rollerball (water-based) ink. This means is behaves much as ballpoint ink does: fast drying, waterproof and fade-resistant. However it avoids some of the less desirable characteristics of ballpoint ink by not being gloopy and gunky.

Uni Jetstream tip

The Jetstream is actually a pleasure to write with. I enjoy using it. In general with ballpoints I’m happy when I’ve got one that doesn’t make me want to throw it against the wall. A low bar, to be sure. Throwing a ballpoint at a wall under a low bar ought to be an Olympic sport, perhaps. Anyway, the Uni Jetstream isn’t like that at all. It leaves a consistent and crisp line and is a smooth writer (like me).

Uni Jetstream deconstructed

Construction is great too. The cap clicks closed in a satisfying way and the clip is strong and sturdy. You’ll notice though that the clip on this pen is bent a little out of shape so it isn’t bulletproof. It posts deeply and securely. There’s also an ink window built into the grip.

Uni Jetstream from the cap

The pastic is soft to the touch. The pen’s a good comfortable size whether posted or not. I quite like the design. It’s had some thought put into it and it doesn’t look entirely cheap. Having said that, once I’ve finished this review I shall probably be putting the refill into a Kickstarter barrel.

Uni Jetstream logo

Sometimes… I pick up this pen because I want to write with it. I know! I can’t believe it myself. Top pen.

Uni Jetstream posted

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