Faber-Castell Ambition fountain pen review

8 September 2013 By ian

Faber-Castell Ambition fountain pen

The Faber-Castell Ambition Pearwood is a beautiful looking pen. I’m a sucker for wood and metal; organic and machined; old and new. Gets me every time. This is a stunning pen.

In my big chunky hands this pen is a perfect length and weight but it is a little top heavy when posted and if you have small hands you may prefer to use it unposted. It’s a heavy cap. A cap that means business and shouts quality.

It’s very nice to write with. The nib (though not especially fine for an extra-fine) is super smooth and behaves itself perfectly. Looks good too. A pleasure to write with.

In short, this pen always has ink in it (and that ink is always Diamine Midnight).

Faber-Castell Ambition fountain pen handwritten review