Word Notebook front cover

Word Notebooks Review

23 July 2015 By ian

Word Notebook review

The Word notebook is a 48 page pocket notebook (3.5″ by 5.5”) available with a range of different colours in packs of three. This one was sent to me by Pocket Notebooks. Pocket Notebooks is a new company selling a good range of notebooks that also offers a subscription based notebook service in the UK.

Word Notebook ink test front and inside back cover

The 90gsm paper isn’t particularly fountain pen friendly. Careful choice of ink and nib will work but if you really want to use fountain pens for everything this probably isn’t the notebook for you (rather like Field Notes). It holds up well with gel ink pens, fibre-tipped pens and ballpoints, with little show-through.

Word Notebook ink test back

The cover is stiff cardboard and pretty sturdy. The inside back cover has a list of suggestions for making better notes. The inside front cover describes the Word system.

Word Notebook front cover

For this is a notebook that comes with a bullet-list based system. If that’s what you want then obviously this is perfect. It’s easy enough to ignore the bullets for a page or two should you wish to stray from the path occasionally.

Word Notebook with pencil

The Word Notebook is a good little pocket book with reasonable paper and an interesting and potentially useful system for making lists. It’s worth a look if you want a notebook primarily for lists but otherwise you may find it too restrictive.

Word Notebook handwritten review

Thank you to Pocket Notebooks for sending me this sample. They are definitely worth keeping an eye on if you live in the EU, as shipping from the USA for things like notebooks often doubles the price.