Wednesday Weekly 5 November

Taking photos of pens on the beach

From around the web:

Urban Sketchers: Well Worn Footsteps One of my most favouritist Urban Sketchers and a lovely story to go with the beautiful picture.
Gorumet Pens: Kaweco Sepia/Caramel Brown ink Azizah has a completely different view of this ink to me. Which is all part of what makes all this so wonderful.
Space Cats on Twitter We have far too many cats and I’ve also started on a mission to watch every episode of Star Trek in order. So this is amazing.
Crónicas Estilográficas: Feeds Interesting and educational.

From the site:

Noodler’s Habanero ink review
Pen Friend giveaway winner
Lamy Vista Rollerball pen review
Autumn Flight (sketch)
Nock Co Brasstown pen case review

Also see here for a review I did of the Lamy Logo for The Pen Company.


  1. Dude! That’s one fantastic beach! First a cool pen appears to have been washed ashore… then this neato camera shows up… maybe if we hang around long enough there’ll be an automobile!

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