Noodler’s ink sample mini-giveaway

Noodler’s make some lovely inks. Whilst one or two can be a little temperamental, most behave well and there are a lot of gorgeous colours.

Unfortunately they are not widely available in Europe. In fact Pure Pens are Europe’s only authorised distributor of Noodler’s inks. Pure Pens were kind enough to send me four bottles of Noodler’s inks which I’ve reviewed over the last few weeks:

Lexington Gray
Apache Sunset
Purple Wampum

With their permission, I want to give a sample of each of these four inks away to four lucky European winners. I’ve limited it to Europe because I want to give my fellow Europeans a chance to try out some of these inks. (Of course, you can always pop over to Pure Pens and buy some!)

This giveaway is open until 9am GMT on Saturday 15th November. You must live in Europe to enter. In order to enter, you need to look at one of the four Inklings linked to above and tell me what he or she did next. Use your imagination! Go wild! But don’t be rude or nasty – anything that isn’t nice will be disqualified. The winners will be picked randomly using


  1. A journey through time and space with Eugene and Pau

    Paul’s short lived modelling career was over… The particularly purple wampum (Alien:Eugene) had attached himself to his rugged jawline; like a mountain goat on a cliffedge… Graceful yet determined! The little alien was scared and needed to get home! Paul had to changed his life of strutting across catwalks to sauntering through space as he begins his quest to return the Purple Wampum affectionally called Eugene back home…

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