Noodler’s Habanero ink review

Noodlers Habanero ink review

This is a beautiful deep orange that reminds me, as all my favourite inks do, of food. In this case of caramelised orange. It has some lovely shading and has become a firm favourite.

Here I am doodling the Inkling.

You can find some more reviews of Noodler’s Habanero on Pennaquod.

Thank you to Pure Pens for sending me this ink to review. I’ve not let that influence my views. Pure Pens are Europe’s only authorised distributor of Noodler’s inks. You can buy this ink from Pure Pens here.

Noodlers Habanero inkling


  1. She kept it in a nice jar, but that nasty man from Tesco kept taking it away to sell and returning the empty jar, how she hated that man, she’d like to stick a Habanero… oppps

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